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How to Suss Out Employers (Before They Suss Out You!)

by Clara Hall in Glasgow, Scotland

We’re always told the same thing before a job interview: delete your Facebook, change your Facebook name, alter your email account, delete dodgy Tweets. But have you ever thought to check out the people you’re applying to? Although sites like Media Muppet, studentbeans and even Twitter seem like reliable sources to find you possible employers, it’s always sensible to run a checklist on whoever you’re trying to work for.

1. Do they reply to your emails?

When you email your possible-oh-my-god-I-want-you-to-hire-me-future-employer to ask who to address your cover letter to etc., do they message back? A sign of  a good employer is one who acknowledges contact, whether it’s through email, Facebook or Twitter.

2. Do they have an office?

Yes, I know it sounds simple enough, but an employer who doesn’t have an official place of work is someone you want to dodge.

3. Do they have a photo on LinkedIn?

If they’re professional, they’ll have a professional picture online. LinkedIn is a great way to check out employers, and you know what they say, a picture says a thousand words. If they don’t have one, well, enough said really.

4. Are they asking for strange requests in your application?

Bad employers will be looking to steal ideas from applicants – and especially ones who are starting up a new business. The way to check this is by looking at what they asking for in your application. Are they wanting a ‘six month social media plan’? Are they needing ‘examples of blog posts’ that they might use for their site? If they are, they might be out to exploit you, so watch out!


Lexi writes about postgrad life in Melbourne. Check it out on her new blog.


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